Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Student again...


Here's my course update. For those that don't know I started my Cert IV Foundation Course in Interior Design at the end of last year. I was so excited to get into it and then I moved house...and it was Christmas...and I was away so it's been a slow start but still good. All in all I am loving it. I found it alot more challenging to start with than I thought I would. Getting the hang of art lingo and not having a class with students or a teacher to run ideas off was hard. I spent a lot of time worrying I wasn't doing something right etc but I'm starting to feel more confident. I am nearly finished my first module and so excited to send that away and get feedback...hopefully of the encouraging kind! 

I really had no idea what to expect not having had any background in this area but I have learnt so much already especially about colour...there has been ALOT of painting and I've almost used up my paint already...with 5 more modules to go!!! Will just have to order more.

I am doing the course through ISCD here is a little of their blurb.


  1. This all looks so interesting AND fun. I have no background either, but am really interested in taking similar courses to change my career path...


  2. Wow! This looks so creative and inspiring! :) Good luck to you, lady!!


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